Why do finger joints hurt and what to do

The human hand is the most perfect tool invented by nature and evolution. With the help of this "tool", an absolute number of manipulations that are necessary for life are performed: from everyday life to the most delicate ones. This is why the appearance of pain in the joints of the hands is a significant problem that obscures the most common things.

pain in the joints of the fingers

Possible causes of pain

Of course, pain syndrome does not arise from scratch and is caused by various lesions, such as:

  • arthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • arthrosis;
  • gout;
  • various bruises, dislocations, sprains and other mechanical damage.


The main signs of arthritis of the fingers, in addition to the appearance of pain, include swelling, swelling and severe redness of the skin over the affected joint. From the type of preconditions that cause arthritis, the disease is distinguished into infectious and rheumatoid.

Infectious arthritis

The cause of this manifestation is contamination with toxins and bacteria. Which entered the joints with blood or lymph flow. Therefore, the best prevention, which will prevent the entry of the infection into the bloodstream, is the observance of the basic rules of hygiene and asepsis. Otherwise, the affected joints are treated with antibiotic medication.

In addition, it is very important to understand one rule: if there is a suspicion of arthritis, then it is necessary to diagnose all adjacent tissues: ligaments, tendons and blood vessels, as well as the forearm, shoulder joint and wrist. Since the preconditions for pain in the wrist joints can be hidden in the dysfunction of the articular joints in a single limb.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a consequence of the combined effects of various harmful factors, such as infections, strenuous physical activity, and an unhealthy lifestyle. All of these factors, as a rule, increase with age and take a person’s joints into "ticks, " causing pain. In principle, there is now no effective method of treating this disease, but forgiveness is possible.


Rheumatism is known as sudden very unpleasant sharp pains. He brought this sharpness of his manifestations to the knuckles, also accompanying the whole process with redness, swelling, and impaired freedom of movement. Add to this a possible rash and an increase in body temperature, and a complete picture of the disease will be drawn, the treatment of which is already possible only with the help of a physician.


This disease is characterized by a gradual deformation of the articular joints in the hands. The disease develops gradually: at first, a slight pain appears, which gradually increases over the years, accompanied by a feeling of stiffness in the joints and gradual difficulty in moving the wrist joints, especially in the fingers. One of the most obvious signs is pain symmetry: the joints ache in both hands, and the thumbs are touched first, and then everything in turn.

Ground in the hands

This reason, as a rule, is characteristic of the ankle joints, but often occurs in the ankle joints. Gout is caused by a large deposition of purines in the fluid tissues of the joints and joints, purines are found in fatty meat products - this means that the cause of the disease may be due to improper dietary behavior.

In general, all diseases lead to the following process: the knuckle of the thumb begins to suffer from pain syndrome, and over time all the other fingers suffer pain, at first the pain causes slight discomfort, but over timegrows under the influence of external and internal factors (cold, heat, fatigue) and leads to the inability to perform even the simplest manipulations of the fingers.

It is unfortunate, but just when the fingers are already almost giving up, most people turn to clinics for qualified help.

For the treatment of pain in the joints of the fingers

If there is a problem when the finger joints are injured, then its solution is possible only with your desire and the qualified services of a rheumatologist or osteopath. It is these two doctors, depending on the extent of the lesion, who prescribe specific procedures and medications.

List of basic actions in case of pain in the hands:

  • Seeing a doctor (surgeon, rheumatologist, osteopath);
  • Independent use of condoprotectors;
  • Use of pain relief;
  • Self-help gymnastic exercises that allow you to gently develop the joints of the hands.

Condoprotectors are special substances that replace destroyed cartilage tissue, restoring it. This effect is achieved due to the specific composition of the preparations, the active substance of which is very close to the cartilage structure. Moreover, the effect of the drug is enhanced by the content of mineral complexes and vitamins and extracts of medicinal herbs and plants, which are able to eliminate inflammation, pain and increase the overall tone of the joints.

Pain relief is used, as a rule, in those situations when the pain is so strong that it makes it impossible to live normally. The pain can spread to foci in the wrist, forearm and shoulder.

In gymnastic manipulations, an important rule is a gradual increase of the load from the smallest. Moreover, the load increases in proportion to the capabilities of the joints under the supervision of the attending physician, self-control and accurate calculation of its own strength are also important.

  • If the pain is caused by the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, then the most drastic measure is surgical treatment. Although in a very large percentage of cases, physical therapy of the affected joint, heat and acupuncture gives very good results. It has been proven that exercise in the horizontal bar and swimming equally dulls rheumatoid arthritis and the progression of the disease is significantly slowed down.
  • Lesions caused by osteoarthritis are somewhat more difficult to treat, as they are associated with deformity and the fact that synovial fluid (joint lubrication) stops working. Against the background of these manifestations, tissue degradation begins around the node. Treatment involves an integrated approach to the use of non-steroidal pain relievers. If the pain is characterized by great force, then pain relief can be applied internally. It is also mandatory to take chondroprotectors. An arthroscopic procedure is mandatory - local opening of the joint and visualization of the processes in the joint and its image on the screen.

It must be remembered that a devil-care attitude in the initial stage will lead to a complication of treatment and a possible loss of the working capacity of the hands. The joints of the hands, like others, need to be taken care of at an early age.